Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Might the Taj Mahal Crumple in 2 Years?

Archaeologist of Indian denied 7th November 2011, Friday said to the Taj Mahal could crumple about in the 2years.
Britain’s Daily Mail on Wednesday gives the statement that the iconic structures—which is among Seven Wonders of the World and it attracts about five million tourists every year. Could the Taj Mahal “cave in between about two and six years,” it is situated on bank of Yamuna river thus the water of Yamuna river brittle have the foundations.

The Taj Mahal 458-years-old marble tomb is a World Heritages Site by UNESCO. It is located in Agra in the Uttar Pradesh of the India.
Newspaper reported that the foundations of Taj has become brittles and disintegrating. Cracks appear last year in the part of the white sandstone tomb, and mostly case four minarets which surrounded the tomb are showing signs of tilting.
The chief archaeologist at Archaeological Survey of India with AFP on Friday dismissed the terrible predictions in an interview. This began major and attractive facelift for Taj Mahal in the 2007.
Katheria, speak denied forecast the crumple of Taj Mahal. However said Katheria had conveyed his doubts for the Taj Mahal in the future to Indian President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.
“I am demanding high-level investigation to analysis the harsh threats posed to the timber formations in the foundations of the Taj Mahal,” the Agra MP Said.
Earlier in this week Agra’s elected member of parliament Ramshankar Katheria as say the Taj Mahal would “cave in between about two and six years” if protections effort were not started.
Agra’s MP warned that supporting wooden was turning brittles because the water level of Yamuna was over-extraction by local people and businesses. So declining was continuous of water of Yamuna River.
“The wooden in the chair of the Taj Mahal would quickly termites and corrodes could set in if it soon find a sources of moistures,” Agra’s MP said.
“Thus Indian government has to construct the barrage crossways on Yamuna to maintain its high levels water” added by Katheria.
Taj was construction by famous mughal ruler Shah Jahan in remembrance of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is the supreme example of Mughal architecture in the India. The construction was started 1632 AD and was completed 1653 AD
Taj Mahal declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the 1983. It is a most popular backdrop to image of visitors in India.
Taj Mahal areas declared as protected zone by India’s Supreme Court in the 1996 because this monument do not made yellow by industries.
Taj Mahal is the most famous attrations among while coming for a India Tour & if collapse it will be huge lose not only for Indian tourism industry but also will embrace the tourist coming here.


  1. I also read such stories in newspapers. If it is so then the Govt. should look after that. As per as my personal view is concerned, I don't think that anything like this is going to happen with Taj Mahal. It is not only one of the main tourist attractions in India but in the seven wonders of earth and pride of our country.

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