Wednesday, 18 April 2012

India hopeful of the attracting much more tourists despite the tight budget

However, latest budget of the India has rise allocation for tourism by less than 10%; tourism ministry remains the hopeful that it can convey in at least 7 million foreign tourists to country during this year. India visited by the 6 million foreign tourists in the last year, thus increase one million tourists when compared to last year figure.

Some official ministry said India would increase about 4 million tourists in the 2012 and there will be come 10 million tourists. They refer to the target of the UNWTO of the one billion tourists during 2012 and say we sure complete this target. They say, we created own title of the National Travel Mart that would be most popular in the Global Travel Mart between 2012 and 2013 year.

This beautiful land provides many types tour like South India Tour, Kerala Tour, West India Tour, North India Tour, East India Tour, Rajasthan Tour and much more tours and South India Tour Packages offers by its tour operators. There are many tour operators but HTOINDIA tour operator is one of the popular among the India’s tour operators. HTOINDIA is offers memorable and fantabulous tour with comfortable facilities in whole India. It is a oldest and honesty tour operator in India. At the present, tourism ministry of India has 14 overseas offices including in the New York, Paris, Toronto, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Toronto, Masco and Dubai and to enhance its reach the across globe. Thus the tourism department of the India has decided to appoint marketing representatives in countries, where it doesn’t have Indian tourism offices. The officials also accept in these countries are developing tourism department for India after India’s tourism ministry.

Besides building infrastructure of the modern styles and lowering taxes of luxury can be one of the most effective steps. Tourism ministry has requested other departments of government and private companies work with the state governments on this. Tourism ministry has also the requested hotels to cut the tariffs.

But the hotels industry argues because other markets are increasing in last time and hotel industry depended on the other business or it is also driven by other markets. However some of hotels have reduced rates by 30% are yet to view any improvements.

Experts say, approach to the attracting mote foreign tourists should be 2 pronged. First is to bring much more foreigners to India for the tourism and second is to the keep them coming again and the again.

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Tourism Department of Kerala wooing Corporates

Welcome to Kerala by HTOINDIA TOUR PACKAGES.

The department of the Kerala tourism is promoting this south Indian state as a popular destination for the business conventions with the houseboats being the projected as a perfect place for the meetings. Till now, Kerala famous for its beaches, historical palaces, wildlife and as well many more terms, thus Kerala tour most popular among the all tours of India. The tourism department of the Kerala is wooing corporate to visit state for seminars and board meetings.

"Apart conventional meeting centres that private sectors are being the encouraged to construct, houseboats in the backwaters also have capacity to house as much as 150 persons and can serve up as a site for the business meets," said Suresh Kumar, the deputy director of state's tourism development. He was in a city as work of the state’s (Kerala) campaign to the woo tourists. There are many opportunities for invest in several businesses and as the business will grow then Kerala tours well known in the world. Kerala Tour is one of the renowned tours in the world and we hope as famous businesses in the Kerala state. In the state, many buildings are constructing by the Kerala tourism department and Kerala government for corporates meeting and seminars.

According to this reason, Joy Alukka Group, most famous gold jewellery retail chain in Kerala and India will invest RS 100 crore in the its aviation wing in the next year to offer the air charter services to many destinations across the India and the abroad and the Helicopter tours Kerala to several Indian state.

Joy Alukka Gorup would launch services of the helicopter from March 12. The services of the helicopter will cater to residents and tourists of the Kochi. There are six seaters helicopter service would be used to this purpose. The group has invested RS 45 crore on the helicopter services, said y the directory of joy Alukkas group.

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Increase in the Foreign and Domestic Tourist-to the Kerala

About 11% increase in the foreign tourists arrivals and 9.20 % increase in the domestic tourists arrivals to the Kerala during the last year despite the negative factors to the host, according to the report of tourist department of Kerala. 

On the 19th January 2012, tourism minister A. P. Anil Kumar said in the press conference, tentative records show 7.6 lakh foreign tourists arrived in Kerala during the last year compared to the 6.7 lakh foreign tourists in the 2010 and 94 lakh domestic tourists come to Kerala during the January to December 2011 compared to the 85.90 lakh Indian tourists in the 2010. Kerala is one of the tourist destinations in India and world. This figures show how much popular Kerala Tour in the globe.

Tourists (Foreign) of United Kingdom were in forefront in the overseas tourist arrivals to the Kerala during 2011, although Kerala is not directly connected from United Kingdom. Other toppers countries include France, Germany, Australia and united state of America etc. in this list, said by A. P. Anil Kumar.

Minister of the tourism said the Middle East and Gulf will be obtaining the focus of sate tourism. 3 roads shows had been scheduled in the April and steps will be get to the put-up advertisements in the Arabic also to the tourists attract for Kerala.    

Kerala tourism director Rani George said department wants increases in the foreign and domestic tourists and we would work according to the plans. Rani George said in the next year about 8 lakh foreign tourists and 1.10 crore domestic tourist visited in the Kerala during the 2012, this is target of the Kerala tourism department. 

On the recently, complete the Grand Kerala Five Shopping Festival Season without any problem, it is signal of the success 5,335 shop partner and Kerala success in the warm hospitality without problems for the foreign and domestic tourists. The dream of Kerala or we will be well known as an international shopping and tourists destinations, this target we will be achieve in the two years, he said.       
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Make Your India Tour Memorable and Delightful by Indian Tour Operators

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Home of Dravidian Culture in the world –

Are you confused about which palaces to visit on a south Indian tour? Well it is, about four great states of India Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu, and Karnataka. These states offer a variety of beautiful tourism destinations where you can explore beaches, temples, hill stations, forests, and national park or wildlife sanctuaries.
South India is a wonderful land in India; these states are rich with varied fauna, flora and scenic landscape at every corner of the state. India tour is incomplete if a tourist doesn't explore the states of south India. South India is very different and unique in comparison to north India.
Below are some Tour Ideas which can be in be used while opting to visit these states -
Kerala beaches tours - Kerala is said to be god's own country and after seeing its natural beauty this looks to be coming true. Kerala is famous all over word for its revitalizing beaches. Kerala is one of the destination where tourist can unwind on the golden sands. The most exiting things of a kerala tour could be its backwater & house boats in lush green surrounding of coconut & palm tree. The tranquil temples, rocking beaches, panoramic natural sight and outstanding cuisine are sufficient ingredients to generate your vacation a life time memory.  
South India wildlife tour - South India have many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where you can visit in these national parks and enjoy the wildlife in its natural habitat. Spot various wild animals like tiger, bonnet monkeys, jungle fowl gaur (Indian bison), Panther, Langurs. Ibex or some mostly found birds in the national park. Nagarhole national park (Karnataka), Kumarkom bird sanctuary (Kerala), Bandipur national park (Karnataka), Kunthakulam bird sanctuary (Tamil nadu), Thekkady wildlife sanctuary (Kerala), Calimere wildlife sanctuary (Tamil nadu), Crocodile bank (Tamil nadu) are some of the most popular wildlife national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of the southern India.
South India fair and festival tour - Every state has its own festivals and cultural activities in south India. Some of well known carnivals are Hampi, Onam, Pongal, Nehru trophy boat race. All these festival celebrated at large scales diverse destinations of state. Visitors can also enjoy the incriable music & dances and long processions of lords Vishnu and Shiva on the festival occasion of state.    
make a plan for south India tour with or enjoy the beautiful natural, beautiful beaches, ancient temples etc. during tour India tour packages offers a customized holiday package for south India tour that include Tamil nadu temple tour, Kerala tour, neelgiri honeymoon tour, and many more tour packages

Friday, 21 October 2011

South India Temple Tour

South India is an unbelievable land most famous all over the world for its artistic and charming temples. Tourists come here from all over global to see them which glorious and magnificent history of south India. This land Temples Tour will get you to the mainly charming and wonderful destinations. Even though, South India’s entire temple are beautiful, wonderful and have their personal unique mythological import but most popular temples are Balaji Temple of Tirupati, Ramanathaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu, Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram, Kamakshi Anmma and Sundareswarar.

It is land of sheer natural beauty and rich cultural heritages. Will you visit any city in this land and you find charm temples decoration with beautiful mythological legends. Their architectural styles and beauty deserves particular mention.

Pristine charm of sun-kissed on the beaches, backwater beauty, ancient cultural and tradition, coffee plantations, aroma of spice, National Park and attractive wildlife sanctuaries and Kerala offers something for all types of travelers. These temples are of vast religious, cultural and emotional significance to the people.

Some of the Most Famous Temples are-----

Balaji Temple of Tirupati

This temple dedicated to Lord God of Venkateswara. This Temple is situated on the hill of Venkatadry. It is one of the major pilgrimages of Hindu religion. Balaji Temple of Tirupati popular visited place in India and all over the word, as 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims visiting in a day for doing the worship from India and global. This temple renowned all over world, because it is one of the richest temple in the global.

Mahabalipuram Temple

Mahabalipuram Temple is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage temples in South India. It is structural temple, constructed with stonework blocks; it was in the Eighth Century. It is one of the oldest stone temples in the south India. It is a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. The first temple is dedicated Lord of Shiva and second temple is dedicated Lord of Vishnu. This city is well known for its monolithic monuments and rock-cut. The temple reflects the charm Dravidian style of the architecture with raise Gopurams.

Ramanathaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu

South India tour is not successful without a visit to the Ramanathaswamy Temple. An area of holiest of the visited of Hindu Religion - Char Dham, this Temple is among one of the Jyotirlinga (a temple of Lord Shiva). As per mythology, lord Rama prayed here of Lord Shiva for their win in the war against Ravana. There are approximately 1200 pillars in the external corridor.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Might the Taj Mahal Crumple in 2 Years?

Archaeologist of Indian denied 7th November 2011, Friday said to the Taj Mahal could crumple about in the 2years.
Britain’s Daily Mail on Wednesday gives the statement that the iconic structures—which is among Seven Wonders of the World and it attracts about five million tourists every year. Could the Taj Mahal “cave in between about two and six years,” it is situated on bank of Yamuna river thus the water of Yamuna river brittle have the foundations.

The Taj Mahal 458-years-old marble tomb is a World Heritages Site by UNESCO. It is located in Agra in the Uttar Pradesh of the India.
Newspaper reported that the foundations of Taj has become brittles and disintegrating. Cracks appear last year in the part of the white sandstone tomb, and mostly case four minarets which surrounded the tomb are showing signs of tilting.
The chief archaeologist at Archaeological Survey of India with AFP on Friday dismissed the terrible predictions in an interview. This began major and attractive facelift for Taj Mahal in the 2007.
Katheria, speak denied forecast the crumple of Taj Mahal. However said Katheria had conveyed his doubts for the Taj Mahal in the future to Indian President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.
“I am demanding high-level investigation to analysis the harsh threats posed to the timber formations in the foundations of the Taj Mahal,” the Agra MP Said.
Earlier in this week Agra’s elected member of parliament Ramshankar Katheria as say the Taj Mahal would “cave in between about two and six years” if protections effort were not started.
Agra’s MP warned that supporting wooden was turning brittles because the water level of Yamuna was over-extraction by local people and businesses. So declining was continuous of water of Yamuna River.
“The wooden in the chair of the Taj Mahal would quickly termites and corrodes could set in if it soon find a sources of moistures,” Agra’s MP said.
“Thus Indian government has to construct the barrage crossways on Yamuna to maintain its high levels water” added by Katheria.
Taj was construction by famous mughal ruler Shah Jahan in remembrance of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is the supreme example of Mughal architecture in the India. The construction was started 1632 AD and was completed 1653 AD
Taj Mahal declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the 1983. It is a most popular backdrop to image of visitors in India.
Taj Mahal areas declared as protected zone by India’s Supreme Court in the 1996 because this monument do not made yellow by industries.
Taj Mahal is the most famous attrations among while coming for a India Tour & if collapse it will be huge lose not only for Indian tourism industry but also will embrace the tourist coming here.