Friday, 17 February 2012

Increase in the Foreign and Domestic Tourist-to the Kerala

About 11% increase in the foreign tourists arrivals and 9.20 % increase in the domestic tourists arrivals to the Kerala during the last year despite the negative factors to the host, according to the report of tourist department of Kerala. 

On the 19th January 2012, tourism minister A. P. Anil Kumar said in the press conference, tentative records show 7.6 lakh foreign tourists arrived in Kerala during the last year compared to the 6.7 lakh foreign tourists in the 2010 and 94 lakh domestic tourists come to Kerala during the January to December 2011 compared to the 85.90 lakh Indian tourists in the 2010. Kerala is one of the tourist destinations in India and world. This figures show how much popular Kerala Tour in the globe.

Tourists (Foreign) of United Kingdom were in forefront in the overseas tourist arrivals to the Kerala during 2011, although Kerala is not directly connected from United Kingdom. Other toppers countries include France, Germany, Australia and united state of America etc. in this list, said by A. P. Anil Kumar.

Minister of the tourism said the Middle East and Gulf will be obtaining the focus of sate tourism. 3 roads shows had been scheduled in the April and steps will be get to the put-up advertisements in the Arabic also to the tourists attract for Kerala.    

Kerala tourism director Rani George said department wants increases in the foreign and domestic tourists and we would work according to the plans. Rani George said in the next year about 8 lakh foreign tourists and 1.10 crore domestic tourist visited in the Kerala during the 2012, this is target of the Kerala tourism department. 

On the recently, complete the Grand Kerala Five Shopping Festival Season without any problem, it is signal of the success 5,335 shop partner and Kerala success in the warm hospitality without problems for the foreign and domestic tourists. The dream of Kerala or we will be well known as an international shopping and tourists destinations, this target we will be achieve in the two years, he said.       
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